Nobody knows what is the Bulgarian architecture like these days. Its metamorphosis in that last few decades has led to an almost total loss of its cultural identity. And this hasn't been an isolated phenomenon – the architectural crisis is part of a larger tendency towards dispersion and assimilation of the classical by the mass culture. However one can more easily tell apart these tendencies in architecture due to its close connection to large scale financial interests and lobbies. Most of the young architects react sharply to this phenomenon, although with the inevitable feeling of desperation. Unfortunately though the proclamation of progressive contemporary practices cannot be enough to turn the tide of this global trend. The current state of events resembles the tale of David and Goliath, the only difference being that the nowadays David cannot find his sling yet.

The project does not intend to comment on the basics of the problem, neither to give answers to it, but simply to ask questions, it is a symbolic gesture of certain attitudes and ideas. In the cul de sac of a cultural crisis, a group of young architects turns to other forms of contemporary culture and art in an attempt to ask the question “What have we lost and is it irreversible?”. The project consists of a series of meetings between mentors from different cultural fields and a selected group of young Bulgarian architects in seven creative workshops, which produce a specific end product – a set of photographs, a musical performance, sculptural objects, etc. There is no framework nor expectations on the type and form of the results. The main goal of the end product is to materialise the feelings, ideas and intentions of the young Bulgarian architects today.