Photography with Boris Missirkov / Georgi Bogdanov

25.11.2012 (Saturday), between 11:30 and 11:50 – NDK
Going through the recently renewed Vitosha boulevard, the new railings of the underpass around the NDK, the large billboard of the classical bodybuilding championship at the entrance, the advertising flyers and posters of amino acids and proteins in NDK, the large lobbies whose solitude is interrupted only by the empty shelves, the discreet writings on the walls of lovers and non-lovers, maybe students, on the walls of NDK, a poster for a Gloria or an Alexandra concert hinting at the coming Christmas...the photo camera was looking for a problem.
It stopped on few little dirty spots (probably burns) on the carpet in front of one of the halls of NDK.

Andrey Andreev

What do the “Art Yardsticks in the NDK” see?
My early memories of NDK are mainly linked with them – the curious images of ornamental murals, wood carvings, mosaics and metal sculptures. The building was truly a palace – its name, scale and abundance of these objects for reflection, and under the veil of these impressions it has always been an attraction to me. Nowadays the sumptuous language of the objects of art in the NDK is still sympathetic but the veil is no more. Going through the building one's mind just makes rhythmical visual comparisons between these “art yardsticks” and the pragmatical, often laboratory characterless architectural detail, non-luxurious, non-palatial and non-exclusive context of the rooms which one's eyes meet. The paradox of the tangible lack of mutual penetration and influence lies in the fact that although unpleasant at first sight the NDK is a spontaneous and true reflection of the fragmented idea of culture in our comparatively young (more like 130 than 1300 years old) society.

Antonina Ilieva

Photography with Boris Missirkov / Georgi Bogdanov

date: 30/11/2012

where: NDK

participants: Andrey Andreev, Antonina Ilieva, Boris Hristov, Eva Popnedeleva, Hristo Stankushev, Ivaylo Zahariev, Krassimira Serafimova, Mariana Sarbova, Nadejda Sucheva, Panayot Savov / Boryana Marinova, Petya Nikolova, Rossitsa Hristova / Oleg Vladimirov, Slavina Belincheva

mentor bio: Boris MISSIRKOV (b. 1971, Sofia, Bulgaria) / Georgi BOGDANOV (b. 1971, Varna, Bulgaria) - photographers and cinematographers, founders of the Bulgarian Photographic Association and AgitProp production company. Live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria. DOP of the internationally awarded “Georgi and the Butterflies”, “The Mosquito Problem and other stories”, and “Corridor #8”. Work as free-lance photographers for major local and international magazines and advertising agencies. Since 2000 act as independent producers and filmmakers specializing in documentary film and TV features.
Their photographic works use various visual styles and could be generally described as “staged documentary”. They have been presented in solo shows as well as major photography and contemporary art exhibitions in Europe and USA. Their photographs are property of collections of the Museum of Fine Art – Huston, USA, Musée de l'Elysée – Lausanne, Switzerland, Museum of the Photographic Art – Odense, Denmark, National Gallery of Fine Art - Sofia, Sofia City Gallery, Bibliothèque Nationale - Paris, the European Parliament, as well as of private galleries and collections in the USA, and Europe.