The meeting “Architecture Seeks Sculpture” was held in two parts and its main theme was the idea of the “object” in time and in everyday life practices, the problem of producing it and communicating it, creating a specific visual language in time.

The problems discussed in the first, theoretical part were:

Second, practical part:

- individual exercises, everyone participates with a written text put into form, manifesting one's idea of a sculpture (a memory, an impression, an idea etc.); the embodiment of one's idea into text reveals the personal conditions and ways of recognising and working the objects on a conscious and subconscious level.

Kiril Kuzmanov

Andrey Andreev / Antonina Ilieva / Boryana Marinova / Eva Popnedeleva / Hristo Stankushev / Hristo Hadzhiganchev / Kalin Zarkov / Magdalena Matanova / Martin Angelov / Maxim Mokdad / Oleg Vladimirov / Panayot Savov / Petya Nikolova / Ralitsa Zorteva / Rossitsa Hristova / Slavina Belincheva / Vassilka Stoyanova

Sculpture with Kiril Kuzmanov

date: 22/11/2012

where: betahaus

participants: Andrey Andreev, Antonina Ilieva, Boryana Marinova, Eva Popnedeleva, Hristo Stankushev, Hristo Hadzhiganchev, Kalin Zarkov, Magdalena Matanova, Martin Angelov, Maxim Mokdad, Oleg Vladimirov, Panayot Savov, Petya Nikolova, Ralitsa Zorteva, Rossitsa Hristova, Slavina Belincheva, Vassilka Stoyanova

mentor bio: Kiril Kuzmanov (born in 1981) he graduated in sculpture department at the National Art Academy, Sofia. He is a winner of various awards and grants, including the grant prize for Young Artist awarded by St. Cyril and St. Methodius International Foundation in 2006. In the last few years he has participated in numerous group exhibitions at home and abroad, among them East of Best (2011) and Fragile (2012) in Rotterdam, NL, The Art of Urban Intervention (2011) at ICA-Sofia and the 2nd International Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest 2012, RO. His works include many independent projects such as the ongoing project since 2008 Wild is the Wind, during which he made an eleven-month research trip through Asia (2009-2010), and the ongoing urban project Project 0(2010) realized in collaboration with the Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv, BG. Some of the artist’s last exhibitions are Feeder Head (2008-2010) at Vaska Emanouilova Gallery and Exhale (2008-2011) at Rayko Alexiev Gallery. In 2012 he was nominated for the BAZA contemporary art award.

A page of the life of a ten year old kid. The kid is me.
The awakening happened a bit before eight in morning. The weather – warm, the season summer, the town – Targoviste, the breakfast generous and tasty, the granny – good, the grandpa – dead, the dog missing.
The kid is with a bike, his friends too. They go to the “Monument” - a landmark of the city – a natural upland, a large hill covered in grass and trees. On top of it – a dry swamp - bulrush in the middle, the slopes are steep.
The kids play in the dry parts of the swamp doing digging. Someone finds a thing – everybody gather together. Astonishment.
One of kids' names was Trayan. There is no monument there – the kid has an unclear memory of a tale, that there was.

Andrey Andreev 176

A clay copy of a VHS tape. There is a sign saying Terminator 2 – the film is a bright example of my active years of movie consuming.
The beginning of my conscious being can be ascribed to the specific moment of my childhood marked with that scotch-taped cardboard box, that gave birth to the holy VIDEO. I was in first grade and could not sleep the whole night with excitement and eagerness for the next day to come when our teacher in school will begin her class with the words – And now kids, everyone of you who has a video at home, please raise your hand. Of course she doesn't say anything like this, but so what. I had all the riches of the world at home.


Memories from my childhood of the atelier of …......, where …... brought me when I was four. We used to spend a lot of time there. It was near the central market, “Georgi Kirkov” it was called back then. They used to sell ceramics on the other side, on the inside ceramics were made too. It felt really cosy there, like home. And the crock looks a lot like a house if you turn upside down.


People randomly stepping on plates of metal lying on the floor of the gallery space. Impatience and boredom. Attention. A walk over a work. A walk around a work. A walk without any work. Sculpture, object, plane; the branches of the birch waved around by the wind. The specular surface of the ideally polished golden spheres attract the attention. People hurry to the end, they look inside themselves, are they happy? A block of marmor, a kid in the garden and hot stones, alive from all sides, polished by the numerous touches. A clean cut through the canvas, a gypsum figure, a caryatide under the blazing sun. Object, time and place

Hristo Stankushev, 30

Fetal morphology,
it is evidenced a one healthy fetus in the 20th gestational week. The size of the thigh bone, the circumference of the skull are fully in line with the age.
Five fingers each hand, five toes every foot. Evidence of a cleft lip – none. Surveillance of the organs – table 1.
To doctor Dimitrov's attention:
3х2 Papaverin
2x1 Diasporal
3x1 Maltofer
Next examination – in two weeks time.

Magdalena Matanova

The end of the shed was barely visible. The lanky bodies of the boats were lying one on top of the other in a perfect order and it seemed they were sleeping in a dim light.
The feeling of a fusion between harmony and the readiness for dynamics made feel sure that everything was in front of me...

The implied meaning is here: Martin Angelov

A simulated recollection of an imaginary childhood.
“Spongebob and Patrick discover the everlasting and ancient origin of the species”
Spongebob and Patrick just stood, awestuck and dumb-founded. Not a bubble escaped their gaping mouths/ Not a speech-bubble popped out of their minds.
In the darkness of the deepest valley in Bikini Bottom, the “Thing” swayed its fleshy tentacles gently, throwing sparkles of radiant molecules in the tide, oozing womb-like warmth.
The origin of species was finally in front of them in all its psychedelic, mind-altering, Freudian glory.


The possibilities of every material are endless and they need not limit the expression of the idea. Every one-dimensional line can be twisted and curved into a two-dimensional grid, every two-dimensional grid can be twisted into a three-dimensional volume.


A hard plate, whose contour separates, bends and leaves.
Dad died in 1991. I believed that some imperishable part of him has just left, without seizing to exist.


This is, figuratively speaking, my continuous infinity.
If we accept (or not) that life is a births, rebirths and everything in between, a loop of beginnings and endings, one can assume that every life is interrupted by many terminal moments. Lets say that some sculptural object has impressed me and I have remembered it because of whatever conscious/subconscious reason, the sheer existence of this memory puts an end of my infinity, it interrupts it.


A cube of clay,
One idea in its initial form, without treatment, without being cultivated, is something simple and usually impractical. While meanwhile the things which seem simple and not processed are a result of hard work.

Rossitsa Hristova